It’s Finally Here!

Today is the release day for A ROYAL APOCALYPSE! This is a side project I’ve been working on for four years. The early reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are very positive, and I’m so happy to see my second series meet the world. To celebrate, for the first three days the book will be on sale for 99 cents, after which it’ll go back up to $2.99. This is the first book in a brand new series so you don’t have to read anything previous from me to hop on board.

I’ve been pushing this project through while I was preparing and recovering from my medical procedure this summer. I guess I shouldn’t have pushed myself so hard because I realized to my horror last night that the release day is actually the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. I was in so much pain that I made myself focus on getting through one task at a time—editing, formatting, cover art, copyright registration, ISBN acquisition, etc.—that I totally didn’t see it. Now I’m afraid it might come off as insensitive, or even taking advantage of the timing. *palm slap

Well, the ads are booked and it’s too late to reverse course. I could only hope that people who know me and have been following the news of my medical issues would understand that this is a total coincident.

So, let me tell you the origin story of this book.

One day I went to someone’s house and found that it was filled with books and all sorts of memorabilia of Kate Middleton. Why the curiosity, I asked my friend. She answered that’s because Kate was born a commoner.

It is true that most of the time, future queens in any monarchy are chosen from a very exclusive and specific class of women. Yet thanks to Disney, almost every little girl in this world went through a phase where they dream of marrying a prince. It is understandable that Kate represents an extension of that fantasy. But that got me thinking—because as a writer I’m always drawn to characters that might not be considered as “winners” in history—for there to be a Kate, somewhere out there, there must be a woman who would’ve been handpicked to be queen, but not. I imagined her to be noble born, with strong ties to the royal family, and might even have a tiny claim to the throne through her own bloodline. Then I thought, what if suddenly everyone in line to the throne before her died, and she found herself being called to the duty of queen, something she never thought in a million years would happen? How’s she going to handle it? Is she going to fold, or is she going to grow? What about the fact that in many countries, the queen is also the Commander-in-Chief? How’s a bimbo going to command the military with any real authority?

That’s the seed that started the development of A ROYAL APOCALYPSE. I hope you enjoy the book. It is a labor of love for me. And a big thank you to my ARC team for reviewing in such a prompt manner, and for loving the book as much as I do. Riding on all those lovely reviews, I found myself finished plotting the entire book #2 last night, so it’ll be out sooner than you think!

Buy here for only $0.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited!